Navision Version 4.0 Reservation ????

We have upgraded Navision from 3.10 to 4.0. Now when we run MRP (in Planning Worksheet → Calculate Regenerative Plan), system is not showing the Reserved Quantity in Sales Order and Planning Worksheet. (There is entries in Reservation Table with Status = Tracking) . Example : Item setup for Item xxx : Replenishment System : Purchase Or Order Manufacturing Policy : Make-to-Order. Reordering Policy : Order. Reserve : Optional Order Tracking Policy : None. We have a Released Sales Order for this Item xxx with Quantity =999 When we run MRP, in Sales Order and Planning Worksheet - “Reserved Quantity” is showing 0. But in 3.10 with same setup, works fine. But if we create a SKU for the Item xxx and run the MRP then Reserved Quantity showing 999 (Version 4.0). Without creating a SKU for an Item, how system will reserved the quantity.