Navision Ver w1 2.6B - Manufacturing Module

We created Planned Production order then used function Key and selected Refresh then option with all lines - backword. It throws the error message “Error when caluculating backword. Calender is not available before 01-01-98 for work center TKWC1007” even though starting date is 21-01-2002 and ending date is 31-03-2002 which also confirm with routing period calculation considering all the levels, hence asking for a calender 3-4 years old is amusing and not logical. kindly sujjest solution or how to go about it.

Hi, You should check Setup time field in the routing and Lot Size field in the Item card. I think you forget setup Lot Size field. In this case system calculation based on the Lot Size 1. Let say you need to Produce 1000 pieces something and setup time is 1 hour and Process Time 1 min. If you forget assigne lot size the total time is 1000 hours + 1000 min. If you assign Lot size 1000 the total time is 1 hour + 1000 min. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Remeber to also take into consideration the full extent of your Production BOM, which in itself may contain further levels. If stock does not exist of component within component and the lead time is great this can easily cause a cumulative affect of a year, i.e. your parent takes three months to make, and is due today, so you should have started three months ago, if a component of this item is not associated through routing link codes then it will be required at the outset of the order, if this item is purchased and on a three month lead time then you should have ordered this six months ago, this can easily build up if you have BOM within BOM within BOM. Regards Steve