Navision Ver 4.03


I have a question like what is the difference between the reports

  1. Inventory Valuation (report id: 1001)

  2. Item Age Composition - Value (report id: 5808)

After run adjust/item cost entries batch job, when I print the above two reports, the value is always different for these two reports. I noticed another thing like the items which appear in inventory valuation report are not shown in item age composition value. And items displayed in item age composition report are not appearing in inventory valuation.

What is the logic behind these two reports and how actually these two reports works based on what, these two reports displays information.



Hi Khan,

It’s quite some time ago since you posted this question, but your post still stand as open. Have you found an answer?

If yes, then I would hope that you would share the answer with the rest of the user group as I think many members would get value from the answer, so that we can close the topic and mark it as Answered.

If no, then maybe you can add a bit more information to the question, so that other members maybe are able to answer your question.

Thank you.