Navision v2.6 upgrade to Navision 4.0 sp3

Hi all,

Have anyone done the data migration from v2.6 to v4.0 sp3 before?

I’m facing this problem right now. I had followed the instructions which provided by Microsoft but i still cannot transfer whole data to v4.0 sp3. I used upgrade toolkit which provided by microsoft but unsuccessful maybe i miss some of the steps… hope any expert can teach me how to do the data migration.

thanks u all.

Have a nice day…

I’m just beginning. Maybe I can tell you something in a week or two. [A]

Are you migrating in a WW environment or is it a localized version? If the latter, which?
Do you have customizations?

Yup, involve customization. I’m trying to migrate in localized version. Hope can hear some good news from u :slight_smile:

Right now, I’m dip in high waters. [:’(]

Is the version you are starting from coded in English or what? Mine is in Italian… to make life more interesting. [:P]

There is a couple of errors in the upgrade toolkit(last i checked there was only upgrade tools for the 4.0 version, not the 4.0 SP3 version - they changed some of the keys between the two versions).

Just run the data migration with the debugger on, so you can find where it errors, and you can identify the errors pretty easily. If you followed the upgrade quickguide step by step there should only be one or two modifications before you get it to work.

Yup. in english version. Hope u can migrate successfully.

Lucky guy! Microsoft Italy didn’t bother to localize the 260-403 migration tool, so I have to migrate to 370b first and then from 3.70 to 4.03. I think you’ll be done far before me. [:^)]

What do you mean localize the migration tool? You mean to say that there is data in the italian version(that is NOT there in the w1 version) that needs to be transformed between versions? Thats new to me(and yes that would be quite annoying).

Yes, that’s it… and yes it is quite annoying. [:)]

Eeew. Luckily the danish version runs straight through.