Navision Users in Multiple Countries

Hello. We have a Navision client in the US that is opening an office in Spain with two users. They will be entering just a handful of payables and general journals. They tested a VPN connection to the US office, but said it was way too slow. Is there a better/faster solution.

They were discussing having the Spain office have their own server and then trying to upload the transactions to the US servers at the end of each workday. Is that a viable solution or is there a better/faster/cheaper way?

Thanks a lot


I suppose its down to costs and making the upload to a central server scripts. However my last company ran SAP on a central server, we used frame relay. The repsonse time was excellent. I don’t know if this works with Navision, but thought I’d share my thoughts.



We use Terminal Services for our overseas offices - we are based in the UK with offices in the US and the Far East and there does not seem to be any problems. The only thing that gives us concern in the future is the amount of traffic for print jobs as the overseas offices become larger. From your scenario I would think TS would be an easy solution and the users will find response times very fast.



I don’t know how you tested Navision trough VPN, but Navision it’s a LAN application. It needs at least 10 Mbps best with 1 Mbps. If you want to use Navision in another office you must it trough Citrix, TS, etc. You can also implement it in local office.

Thanks a lot for all of the information. It looks like TS is the solutions.

Thanks again.

Have you tried VPN with RDP? The performance is MUCH better, almost Citrix like.