Navision Users' Favourite Web Page?

Which of the following web pages do you visit most often? My money’s on Dilbert winning[:D]… Any other ‘cool links’ welcome…

Edward Hope you are well, and I see you have some time on you hands To my joy I saw Emily Procter as Calleigh Duquesne in CSI Miami the other night, a show I never used to watch, but now will do, if that isn’t a clue of course I voted for the lovely Ainsley

Hi Steven, I’m fine thanks - So far Ainsley has had two votes & 100% of the vote so far. I wonder why…[:D]

Ed & Steven, Ainsley’s nice but she’s not my ‘cup of tea’! So I’ve gone for; Regards

As expected, Dibert is moving into the lead… No votes yet for the MBS homepage though.


Originally posted by EBloom
No votes yet for the MBS homepage though.

Did you try the link, I think you spelt it wrong … [:(]

Exactly the reason why I didn’t vote for it! [:D]


Seeing Edward went to the trouble of fixing the link, I thought someone at least should vote for it, so i did.