Navision user Role/Rights Management

Hi Folks, Our Company just started using Navision 4.0 about half a year ago. Till now we’ve had a few ‘lessons’ on how to work with navision, but no ‘lessons’ on how to maintain it, seeing im the only IT guy running arround here that seems to be my job also. I’ve had about one hour of basic instructions on were to change the user rights but thats about it. Most of the time when a user has a permission problem i need to call our navision vendor and ask what permissions are needed for the user to continue his work. lately we got the bill for all these phonecalls… [B)] So from now on i need to find out those things myself for as much as possible. I just dont have a clue on were to start, and i dont have much free time to experiment arround either :frowning: it would be of great help if i knew for a start on how to find out what right/ roles are linked to the cards/folders listed in the treeview. Friendly Greetings, Bjorn de Jong

Check if you have access to Tools=>Debugger=>code coverage. If you have it is easy: Open the code coverage-form and hit start. Now open the menuitem for which you want to know the objects. Close it. Go back to the code coverage-form. Hit stop. In the list you see all objects involved with that menuitem. In case you have rights-problems with a function on a form, just do the same (start code-coverage, use your function, stop code-coverage.

Thanks, that does exactly what i was looking for, now i can finaly find out were i should look if someone has permission problems, without paying 25€ for every started 15 minuts [:D]

100 Euros per hour is a cheap rate anyway [;)]

Hi Bjorn, Normally You’ll find a role called ‘ALL’. This role give the user rights to run all tables, forms etc. (Object-ID = 0) If users have this role assigned, You only have to look into the TableData-rights. regards, Alexander