Navision User processing 4 million Packages a YEAR

Hi All: Are you or do you know of a Navision User who processes 4,000,000 million packages through Navision a YEAR? Thank you, Steve

Hopefully you mean “4 million” (4 * 10^6) not “4,000,000 million” (4 * 10^12). I do know of a company in York, ME called Stonewall Kitchen which uses Navision. Last I heard, BMI’s Boston office was their Navision solution center. They are a manufacturer of speciality foods and they also have retail stores, a mail order/internet sales operation, and a cafe. I suspect they produce something on the order of 4 million bottles of jam, mustard, etc. per year— although most of the bottles are shipped by the caseload, so the number of packages would be lower than 4 million :slight_smile: Their web site is (I recall correctly)