Navision US vs CA client version

Does anybody know what are the differences between the Navision US2.60X and CA2.60X client. Is it possible to find documentation on them. Thanks, Steven Hin.

I think the actual Client (ie. FIN.EXE) is the same. Are you referring to this or to the Object differences?

I am referring to the installation package. For example, when you are first setup the client, the setup file usually named “Navision Financials US 2.60.E.msi”, and other version named “Navision Financials CA 2.60.D.msi”. I would like to know if there are differences on them. You are right, once it is installed they are all named FIN.EXE.

My understanding is that the FIN.EXE is the same in both (assuming you compared 2.60.D to 2.60.D). That would be easy enough to verify if you had both packages. Obviously, the database.fdb included would be different…I don’t think there are any other major differences in the packages.

You are saying there are no differences in the client (fin.exe).

Do you know where I can download the Navision CA 2.60E setup files?

I don’t think that End-Users have access to these files…You would have to get them from your NSC.