Navision UK Websites

Hi, I am confused with the MBS UK websites, i wanted to check the hotfixes, NSC list and other suffs we used to have in the old site.

Hi Ajay The last one has “EVERYTHING” the old Navision UK web site had on it - trust me I was told this by Navision UK [:D]. I think if you contact your account manager they should be able to fill in the gaps - and they will explain the partnersource website is “still in progress”

Hi Steven, I contacted Navision UK and asked about all these sites i got the reply that they know only and rest they do not know and even they cannot access [:D]

Hi Ajay The initial communicaiton I received was to go to After never finding anything on it and being asked to look for an item to comment on by Navision I asked them to give the direct url as I could not find it - then they sneaked in the /uk/ which proved much more useful [:D]. It is nowhere near perfect and they are working on it, and as with everything at the moment the communication and information issuing needs to be worked on, but request the bits you want - you may get them!