Navision to Web Question

What is the latest and greatest solution for moving NF data to the web for customer access? Thanks

That depends on what you want accomplish. Navision WebShop is great for a full blown web-ordering system, but with Java you can build up very nice websites also. For specific solutions, the Java approach might have preference. We developed some dedicated websites for our customers using jsp’s and a JDBC-ODBC Bridge to make the connection. John

the out-of-the-box Commerce Portal 2.65, what else? goodname

Java? Webshop? C’mon, you all should know that Perl is the way to go! Just use the Perl ODBC module to connect to your Navision ODBC drivers and viola! It’s very simple to export things to the web that way. (Of course, it helps if you have an updated Navision database and ODBC driver). My $0.02…

Well then PHP should also be taken into consideration. Heard somewhere that it should be somewhat easier to use than Perl. Regards

PHP is definately easier. However, it’s not as feature-rich as Perl. But for most applications, PHP is plenty sufficient. (but Perl is cooler!!! :slight_smile: )

Hi, Both php and pearl are great solutions however there is one thing to keep in mind if you are planing to put your website in commercial use. The problem is that each request consumes one navision user license. So if one “evil” user refresh his or her’s webbrowser a whole lot of licenses will be consumed and a Denial Of Service will occur (hmm. Not exactly a DoS but still, the server wont be available to other users until the “evil” user stops messing with you.) Best Reqards Andreas

If you want a robust answer off the shelf that’s a lot less overhead than Webshop, check out ExpandIT’s Internet Shop at Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

I’m currently playing with .NET and C# (C-Sharp) Web-Applications. .NET provides everything: Data-Access via ODBC or SQLServer, and nice tools for developing Web-Forms. Besides, I believe that .NET is the future. With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

I’m the same meening. .NET and C# we allready use for on-line e-commerce applicatons for NF and NA. The performance of the solution is great (over 60 cocurrent users without any problem). The data-access via C/Front in native or SQL navision Databese. You can download and test it from Best regards