Navision Technology Partner

I am looking for a implementation partner. One that can configure and has a European wide presence or association. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Try Partner Power at

Hmm, not sure if these guys are too serious, or just another attempt to tie a group of unrelated NSCs together under one banner. Since I work with a lot of NSCs, I contacted the to see if they had any interest, and just got an immediate 1 line email brush off. I would not consider them a serious company they apear more ot be just a $100 per month P.O. Box, a phone number and a fancy web site.

We work with four Navision partners in Europe. In no particular order they are: InterfaceData (France), Naviconsult (Austria/Switzerland), Tectura (Germany) and Vorsprung (UK). We are happy with their ability to deliver locally and into the other systems when time and resource demands.

Dave, I hate to disagree with you, but we at BMI have worked with this organization on several implementations here in the US where a European organization has looked for a partner to team up with through Partner Power. The situation is that in the US, Business Management International is the preferred member of Partner Power for the US, so they don’t need additional partners as you’ve apparently volunteered to be. Granted, the apparent “brush off” should have been more explanatory, but it by no means negates the validity of Partner Power as a whole. PPI is a good organization and is growing due to it’s ability to provide resources and support to its clients. I would recommend them whole-heartedly. Bill Moffett