Navision Technical Briefing 2002

The Navision Technical Briefing 2002 is now taking place here in Copenhagen, Denmark. Approx. 600 implementers, developers and other more technical oriented people are here, to what looks like a good three day experience. Niels Bo Thielgaard (chief product executive) had the days first keynote. The interesting things he was talking about was: - Axapta’s scalability from 5 to 3500 users! - That both Attain and Axapta will be 100% integrated with .Net Web services. - Navision are working on a framework allowing us to use Visual to develop for Axapta and Attain. - A new low-end product will see the day. Additionally he talked about Business Intelligence and OLAP solutions for Attain. New price structure for for Attain and much more… Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Hi, do you have any more info on Navision’s plan to integrate Attain with .net? is it just for web access or changing Attain to use the .net framework

Dear Erik Could you inform me if i could to know more about Navision Technical Briefing 2002 Thanks Santi Santi Vigil

What would you like to know? Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Any information on the timing of any new features, the functionality of any new features, or more information on the integration with .NET? Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner