Navision tables via C/ODBC to Delphi 4 TTable

Hello; I’m attempting to access Navision tables with Delphi through the C/ODBC driver. Any reference to a Navision table name leading with the word “Item” resolves to the “Item” table. Ex: “Item Category” always resolves to “Item”. “Item Accessory” resolves to “Item”. Does anyone know why this is so and what I might do about it? Many thanks for your time and attention. Brian.

I tried the same thing a while back with same results as you. I assumed it was because Delphi could not handle the space in the table name. Unfortuneatly I do not have a solution for you :frowning: … regards gardar

Gardar; I’m not convinced the problem is with Delphi, although that may be the case. I will try a test today reading part of the Item table directly into MS-SQL server. Brian.

Set the identifiers in the options of the C/ODBC DSN to a-z,A-Z,_. The problem is with resolving Table/Field names with spaces