Navision system tables

Does anybody have a description/ documentation of Navision system-tables. (Tables without Company prefix). Could you please insert a link to a download, or mail me a copy.

Just open the object designer, click on table, Ctrl-A Ctrl-C then open Excel and paste.

sing Enterprice Manager you find these tables as listed below: (I should have mentioned th SQL option…) syscolumns syscomments sysdepends etc… What I want is documentation describing their function. Some of them are obvious, but especially when using SQL server option I have encountered errors that can be traced to these tables, and it would be convenient to know theyr purpose better. Also system documentiotion describing Navision inner life would be nice. regards, Otto

Otto, If you want to get information about tables like “syscolumns,syscomments,sysdepends” then you should look into SQL Server documentation. But “Navision system-tables” is something different. Open Object Designer, press “Forms” button, press F3 to create new form and look to the lowes part of lookup list on the “Table” field. Tables shown there are “Navision system-tables” and most of their names are informative enough.

Otto, what are you trying to do here? Are you just trying to learn how Navision systme tables work, or are you trying to get a better understanding of the Navision SQL implementation. It might be better if you could post some specific questions.