navision synchronisation with lotus notes

Hi, In Navision it is possible to synchronise contacts,todo’s with outlook. Now we have a customer who uses lotus notes instead of outlook, is it possible to synchronise navision with lotus notes [?] thanks, wendy.

Hi Wendy Lotus Notes 6 is at last, finally MAPI compliant. Now is possible to send an e-Mail directly from Navision, but i never test other integration Marco

Hi,Marco What do you mean with MAPI Compliant, and how do i do that ? thanks, Wendy

Hi Wendy With Notes 6 is possible to use standard MAPI function, I mean that you can send an e-Mail from Navision, there are no problem with this. Now the problem is merge word document into e-mail, I’m testing a solution. But it need to write a new codeunit with Notes function inside navision Bye

You can download Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector. This is a connector to use Outlook instead of notes client. In this way you can syncronized contact, task and appointment between notes and navision using outlook client in every workstation. This is my temporary solution before developing better interface using ‘Lotus Notes Automation Classes’ Bye, Marco