Navision Support Policies

I need to find out about Microsoft’s support policy for previous versions of Microsoft Navision.

I understand that the ‘Mainstream Support’ for Navision version 3.6 expired on 31/12/2005 and for Navision version 3.7 it expires on 31/10/2006. But what is exactly mainstream support?

Does this mean there is not support for partners at all after this date? Or is it limited to issues not fixed in newer versions?

Any help appreciated,


I cannot confirm yor dates but if you find an issue in 3.60 after mainstream support has expired Microsoft will not commit to resolving it (assuming they have not?), they will advise you if it is resolved in a later version and advise an upgrade. Your NSC however can fix it in your version [:D]

And of course you should always aim to be no more than 2 versions behind with executables.

3.60 of course was a very problematic version, both the executables and the code, so at least get your exe onto 4.00.02 asap.

Not always - while we speak about v3.6 and up, its true (mostly?), but with older versions its not always possible - generally in cases when underlaying DB structure has changed from version to version. Examples are Item tracking & reservation, costing & discounting stuff, more should exist I cant recall just on the spot…

Earlier, when we had tenths of hotfixes for every version, the support reaction was somehow faster, but it wasnt MS then :slight_smile: Now, doing it in MS way, i.e. releasing service packs rarely, NSCs can really fix many “issues” faster, so end user can avoid upgrading to (future) new version, wherein his problem will be solved.