Navision Style Sheet Tool cuts off macros

I want to provide a marco into a document template used by the Navision Style Sheet Tools (for creation of some bulk/merge field mails). The macro itself works fine and the Style Sheet Tool itself works also fine, we use it for a lot of documents.

But the combination of both don’t work at all. If i assign the macro to the document and assigning it to Style Sheet Tool, the macro gets cut off.

How can i apply a macro to a document and use it after a Style Sheet Tool usage?

Well, I could not manage to get it to work, so I build a workaround.

I altered the Codeunits of the Style Sheet Tool accept an array of additional strings and automatic replace Merge Fields for that strings.

I translated the Macro of the docoment to work in C/AL before sending it to the SST,

however, this work for my needs