Navision standard edition

The Navision standard edition has just been released in the Netherlands. A great initiative to capture smaller, fast growing companies in a early stage. However, in the Netherlands some CRM modules are not available. That not a big problem, except for interaction / document management. This is one of the most important modules to an organisation of every size, and therefore we were very surprised to see it is not possible to order this module. Is this a common policy, that is, is this a NTR choice or Microsoft? Is the Navision standard edition in every country the same? Thanks Peter

Navision Standard Edition isn’t released all over world. Its ltd. to some areas.(Don’t know the Marketing strategy behind that).

There was a communication some time ago from MBS regarding the goal to standardize the editions (I can’t seem to locate it right now). However, the standard edition is supposed to be the same whereever it is available. It is curious that some of the components that would drive the need for other MS software has been excluded from the standard edition. There’s a lost opportunity for some sales exec…

Hi All, Does any one have an idea on the Granules available in Standard Edition , and the ball park pricing for let us say Europe Mkt. ( I am aware that it might be priced differently across various geographies.) Cheers navi_mbs

I have a pretty slick excel sheet from Microsoft that gives you all of the modules available with the Standard package. The prices are just in $US and $CAD. I’ll email it to your profile email address. Gary

The standard Edition is something that’s been around for a long time now, I guess back to about 1988 or so. Every couple of years they come and then go again. Navision is just too flexible a product to work well with Standard editions. On the other hand, if an NSC were to concentrate on a specific market that could use a Standard edition, then they would be extremely profitable, so long as they don’t loose focus. I have mixed feelings on the Standard editions.

Standard Edition is simply a way to compete with other software on price alone. Prior to the MBS acquisition, price discounting was a four letter word at Navision corporate. In reality there was simply no need if the NSC did a good enough job of detailing the benefits of the product. Fact was that no product could do what Navision did and thus justified any higher pricing…again that is if you stayed in the target market and didn’t get into the smaller deals. Right now, the Standard Edition pricing is simply a way to get a 30% discount off the top without forcing NSCs to continually go back to MBS for permission to reduce the price. The thing that no one really talks about is that if the customer goes over the 10 user limit, then upon the next user purchased, they’ll also be required to pay back the 30% difference…sometimes that can be quite a rude awakening. Thus said, I typically stay away from this pricing scenario…

Can anybody enlighten on what is meant by Standard Edition? Thanks,

The Standard Edition is a limited license, designed to appeal to smaller prospects. It sells at a discount from the same granules sold in a “full” licensed configuration. The limitations include limits in the Manufacturing features, the Advanced Distribution features, the number of users (max 10) and some other areas. For all the granules the Standard Edition includes, the full functionality of each of those granules is included. If you purchase a Standard Edition and later need to add something that the Standard Edition doesn’t include (like an eleventh user), you must pay the difference increment first to upgrade to the full edition, then purchase your expansion item.

I’m new at this topic and also new at working with MBS Navision so please excuse me if some questions sound a little dull. I was first told that the advantage of MBS in front of Navision was the intergration with other Microsoft solutions. But now I’m told that Outlook Client intergration and E-mail logging for Microsoft Exchange is not available in MBS Navision Standard Edition. Can anybody enlight me on this topic.

the standard edition software is the same as the regular edition, only some modules are not available in the standard edition. In the area of CRM only basic Relationship management and qualification are available. Besides, emaillogging couldnt be very usefull as you ant use document management and outlook integration is not very usefull either as you cant use to-do management in standard edition. Besides, you are talking about the advantages of Navision over MBS, but Navision an application from MBS…

I ment the advantage of Navision becomming a MBS.

Hi Allard Do not confuse the offerings - Navision Attain and Navision Standard Edition are different offerings but both offerings of MBS. The “Standard” edition is a cut-down verison with some limitations, you may just have hit the limitations of the cheap - low end market product.

Thank you Steven. Not realy so much further now but I think I’ll stick to the idea that it is one of Microsofts ways of offering a discount but not really.