Navision/SQL Server

I have seen some posts here by users who switched from C/Side to MS SQL Server. I would like to know the advantages and disadvantes of making this change? Thanks.

John, I think Ms SQL Server will be the preferred platform for the future. The expectations are that the majority of the new Navision implementations will be based on SQL Server. Advantages are: - SQL Server allows larger databases - Performance is better when many users use the same functions - Much more backup functionality (backup while database is in use, incremental backups, etc…) - The system is more open, easier to integrate with other systems Disadvantages: - Bigger hardware may be required for good performance - More complicated to manage

Thanks for your honest analysis. We are seriously thinking of doing the change due to the openess of SQL server. We have some scanning and other functions we would like to incorporate in the future and feel they would probably be easier with MS SQL.

Wouter - only a note to the backup-functionality: with the built-in function “Tools/Backup” you are able to make a backup while database is in use.

I can really recommend the Application Server to Navision. With this tool the native database is becoming more open. It also has a advantage over the SQL because with Application Server you can from en external program run internal Navision code. We purchased SQL but went back to C/Side due to performance problem. But when we installed Application Server we had the same openess as with SQL, even better as with the possibility to run internal Navision code.

Where do you get this Application Server piece, which versions does it run with and what is the cost in USD? Thanks.

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Where do you get this Application Server piece, which versions does it run with and what is the cost in USD? Application server can be used with Navision Attain 3.10 and after. Price depends on the number of concurrent sessions you need started. I think that one application session is included in licensefile. After this I think its 4000 c/shell per session. Note that Applications sessions are not the same as regular User sessions. Best regards Daniel