Navision - SQL Server Performance issue

Hi All, We have a client, who has 120 concurrent Navision Users with very large database size. They have no hardware issues. The main problem is many people try to do transactions, run reports etc and the performance of the system is very low. Can we split the reports and run in a seperate database? But how is it possible. I have seen in Microsoft site that we can use NAS server for reporting purposes, but still we have to create buffer tables to transfer the data to reports.(This i found in the Microsoft site) If in case we split the database into small sizes and place them in different raids, how do i do this? By any chance will it increase the performance. Please write back if any one has any solutions regarding performance increasing. Thanx in advance. Vijay

Hi ho! Currently, I guess we have about a dozen of threads regarding to SQL Performance in MBSONLINE! Please search for “SQL Performance” and you’ll find a lot advices!