Navision/SQL is always Database Authentication..?

Hi All, When we are connecting to SQL Database, is it required to be always Database Authentication…? B’caz in few cases it works with window authentication adn few case it work with only DB autnetication. what could be the reason? any Guess…?

You can choose either - that is both at the same time if you like. You must just ensure that the server is set up to accept both types - see the Security tab of the server properties. In Navision, you choose Datatabase Logins or Windows Logins under Tools/Security. For Database Logins, you must pre-create a login on the server using Enterprise Manager or whatever. For Windows Logins, you just need the user account created in the domain and reference it in the user way when you enter it in the Windows Logins form, e.g. EUROPE\mike.

I am facing this problem only in the SQL DB with XP/2003 server…? when some systems r able to access in windows authentication, why not the other system, with same hardware configuration and access?

Ramanathmani, Are you sure of the target of your navision shorcut? Fin.exe → finsql.exe [:o)] Did you place the xp_ndo.dll file in the binn directory of your SQL?

Another variant is that maybe you are using W98 and earlier - these op. systems are not permitted to use windows login due to lack of security. Tõnu

The Shortcut is the correct one. This is a new system with XP installed in that. Not upgrade from W98. Shall i try to update the fin.exe from the hotfix…?


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Fin.exe → finsql.exe [:o)]


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Shall i try to update the fin.exe from the hotfix…? [:o)]

John seems to have a point.