Navision SP2

Dear members, I d like some informations about the schedule of Navision 4 SP2. My provider says it will be available in Zone 1 in July 2006, based on partner source information But in the mean time I got a version of NAV W1 4.0 SP2 from another source… including the changelog and everything… So maybe there is another way to get it, besides Partnersource … What do you know about this ? We are currently updating from 3.7 to 4.01, but if the SP2 is available we ll move directly to SP2 (especially due to this bug of missing keys in SQL tables that worry me a little bit) Best regards Pierre

There was SP2 on partnersource, but after few hours disappeared. May be some problem… I am not sure if all will be OK if you will use this version.

Hi, You can download Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision W1 4.0 SP2 client directory from

Hello The release of Sp2 for Navision 4.00 was to have been last week but it has been re-scheduled.

The bug, while there are many that are solved, involving the keys is not really missing keys, but it that on the SQL version, that all of the primary keys were made non-clustered. MS has a hotfix for this that you can get now from ParternerSource, including a T-SQL script that can be run to enable clustering on the primary index. It is also solved in SP2. I was able to download it in the short time period it was available on I’ve been looking over the change log and want to get cracking at testing it out as soon as possible. I would wait for the upgrade, since you will probably want to do it anyway, and it will no doubt save you a lot of time.

The official download is working yet…

Is the download available for all versions of Navision? I m not sure to know the difference between version NAV W1 and NAV for countries Zone 1. regards Pierre

Hello, W1 is the “international” release, without any country specific modification, Zone 1 includes around 10 countries (the most important ones in terms of sales for Navision) like US, Spain, Germany and others. The W1 version and the different country versions for Zone 1 always get released first, the other ones between 2-4 weeks later. Saludos Nils