Navision so slooow....

Hi. I have a client with Navision 3.01. It runs on a server with raid 1 32Gb disks. 256 Mb Ram set to Navision. It has about 16 users, and the size of the database is 7,5 Gb. Network is 100Mbit with switches. The ledger entry dimensjon table contains about 10 million record, and Posted docuemnt dimession contains about 250 000 records. The dimension value tables contains over 200 entries. I need suggestions on the hardware I need to optimize this system. Regards, Thomas Jensen.

More RAM! And what processor do you have on server? Also you should think about RAID system change for future.

I have a 1,26 GHz processor. Why do I need need to change RAID? Thomas

Actually you should update processor, too if you want high performance. About RAID system…it’s just a suggestion. Maybe not to change RAID system but here’s what Navision says: You can increase performance by several hundred percent by expanding your system from one to six hard disks. To avoid poor performance in your daily work, you should add more than one hard disk to your system and divide the database among these hard disks. Four relatively slow hard disks (for example of 5 GB each) perform much better together than one super hard disk (of 13 GB). Tests have shown that the fourhard-disk configuration allows more than twice the number of transactions per second than the one-hard-disk configuration. Each hard disk that you add will improve performance. As a rule of thumb you could say that each time you double the number of hard disks you increase performance by 100%. Actually you can have a look at Installation & System Management: Microsoft Business Solution-Navision Database Server manual chapter Checklist for Optimizing Hardware. [;)]