Navision SMTP Issue

Dear Experts,

Navision Version : 5.0 SP1

We are using SMTP mail for Navision Purchase Order Approval, when user send it for approval only for very Few users system is automatically open up the User Name and Password window. But all other remaining users it won’t pop up, it is taking from Windows login. Actually i want system to pick user name & pasword from System login, should not ask for password. And those Few users also loggedin in sames Domain.

Do you experience the same before? if you have any idea/solution please do share it.

Thank You,

Mike S.

Is MS Outlook is installed on those machine ???

Yes Installed, and also configured, it is working properly. And in Navision itself after the user enter User Name, password and Domain it is sending e-mail without any error. Only the issue is Once he closed Navision then again it will start asking user name password.

Mike S.

Just click on Remember my Username & Password in MS -Outlook when they r entering the details.

It is working after we format the system. Don’t know what was the issue.