navision slowdown during cash receipt posting

when i am posting from cash receipt journal in sales & receviable, all navision users see navision slowing down. no of lines posting may be 200 to 400. is this common behaviour while posting this or something specific for my setup

Yes this is common, especially if you are using dimensions for the journal.

optimization rings a bell [;)]

There is some small fixes that can be applied to codeunit 12, but this does depend on your version of Navision

Which NAV version do you use, and which DB Server - native or SQL?

navision version is 3.01A and exe is 3.7. we are using sql server 2000.

see, we cant just tell to users that generally cash receipt posting will be slow. we need to optimize it. how to do it is the question ?

Do you have a lot of dimensions, and a lot of lines on the cash journals?

Unfortunately your application is somewhat old; the most improvements here could be gained by updateing. At least you should assure to have all available hotfixes/servicepacks for 3.01 installed.

There is a chance to speed up the postings by optimizing the Index structure on SQL Server site, but this would require some investigation: You should run a SQL Profiler trace to find out if there are some queries having high Read rates, there is maybe a sufficient index missing. Especially if you are using Dimensions, there is a lot of potential for improvement.

Further, you should look for SIFT handling (INSERT to tables like …$32$0 etc.). If there’s too much of it, maybe some SIFT buckets have to be disabled (if not required anywhere else!).

Another issue to be investigated: Could the long duration also be caused by blocking issues? Did you experience that?

I am currently posting a journal to be consumed by a sales history posting, the journal is a million lines long and each item has five dimensions. I started the posting on Saturday morning and currently it is 76% through, and you think yours is slowing down [:D]

hm… my experience makes me assume a blocking siuation. this needs further investigation.