Navision Service Shutting Down

Hi All, I have a strange problem at a client site. They are experiencing intermitant lock ups which happens when the Navision Server Service shuts down unexpectedly by itself! Has anyone ever heard of this problem. Once the service is shut down, all they have to do is restart it and they can get going again. They don’t have to re-boot the server. They are also getting intermittant “Error 1325 in Module 19” errors (I’m not sure about the specific error number, but it is Module 19. My notes are at the office![:0]) Sometimes the system will lock after these errors and sometimes not. They system is not heavily modified. The only thing “unusual” is that I do have some code that checks for the existance of a text file on the local drive of the workstation. This text file contains some information, kind of like an “.ini” file in the old days. The file is being closed after it’s read though. I’ve had two other experienced Navision developers look at this code and nothing’s jumped out at them that should be causing the problem. I think it’s environmental, but of course the hardware/network people can’t find anything wrong.[:(!] I am open to any and all suggestions as to what might be causing the service to shut down. Pertinent info: Navision Server (not SQL) Advanced Distribution 2.6 with improvements installed Compaq server running W2k, plenty of RAM Thanks, Mark.

Definitely a programmer error! :wink:

Gee - thanks Bill. You’re a lot of help! :wink:

This happened to me twice with 2 different customers. The problem with these clients was with their hardware. We found that there are certain workstations that causes the lockup. Once they changed upgraded their hardware for these problem workstations, we haven’t have the problem since.

Thanks Alex, I’m leaning towards it being a hardware problem as well, but of course the folks that sold the hardware are pointing their fingers back at us. Do you remember any specifics on the hardware upgrade that your client had to do?

Hi Mark, Actually, what they did was just replaced the computer since it was a really old computer (Pentium 2!!) If I were to troubleshoot this, my first guess would be the network card.

Try to find out exactly what the user is doing when this happens. The users could just note down exactly what they were doing when the system locks.