navision service is not starting!

Hi! I have a new installed windows 2003 server with two cpu’s. I tried to install navision 3.60 but when I restart the server I get the error message that the navision service not starts. Same problem when I install navision 3.70 . My event log messages: in application eventlog: typ warning: he operating system returned the error (87), invalid parameter. typ error: The initialization process failed. in system eventlog: the service “Navision Attain Database Server NAVIVM” was finished with the following error: invalid function. (event 7023) Thanks for ideas!

Have you checked the cache size? Did you try reducing it to 750.000?

The error comes up, because ‘The specified session name is already in use.’

Do you get any more detail when you run NAS from the command line? What parameters did you specify to set-up the NAS?