Navision Service Error

Lately, we are experiencing Navision service error and not letting the Users to get in into the system until I restart the service.

The error says “This function cannot be executed while the database is being used by other users”.

Please help to solve the problem.


ZEN [:D]

At a guess, it looks like you have some backup software like Arc serv or Backup exec trying to make a backup of the Navision database.

You’re right; we do have Backup exec run every night but the Backup process was started long time ago without having this error.

Do you know how to check if this is the cause?


Just make sure that Backup exec does not touch the Navision database ort directories, an you should fix this error.

I have a client with a slow server and had this problem soon after updating their licence. Had to start and stop the service over a couple of days and then it settled down. Never did get to the bottom of it.

I also had that problem with a customer when running the backup procedure that also backed up the DB.
I solved it by makeing a .cmd file that stopped the service, copied the DB to another place and restarted the service.
I also made skip the real DB-files. And all was ok.

But David; the reason on why we are running the backup exec is to have the database back up.

It brings me to a question why the error is happens lately, not when we started the backup?


This is interesting. We did update our license not long time ago.



Could you explain more detail about .cmd file that you developed?

Thanks, ZEN

Yes but in this case youdon’t have a backup anyway, since what you think is a backup, is probably just a corrupt file anyway.

Either do as Kriki says and shut down th eserver, or use HotCopy. But you should never be just copying th edatbase and believing that it is a backup.

quite easy : stop the service, copy the files, restart the service
net stop DBserver
copy “DB-files” “other location”
net start DBserver

BTW : the error was not necessarily at the start of the backup. First it backs up other files and when it arrives at the Navision DB and when Navision decides (don’t ask me why!) to write something to the file, it finds the file locked by the backup.

I have had this error many many time, and in every case, the client is 100% (maybe 200%) certain that no one is logged onto the system. In most cases the only solution is to sit in front of the server logged in a 3am in the morning, and prove to the client that someone really was logged in and really did “just make a small change to the Item Card”.

Its always a logged in user making a minor change.


For some reasons I can’t stop the service; an error (from Windows Server) appeared when I tried to do so. The system said the service couldn’t be stopped…

What I did was restarting the server and everything running back to normal again.

We have been using backup exec for at least 5 years without any problems. It’s really bother me; why is happening now.

I am agree with you; I am also thinking the database was locked by the backup exec for unknown reason. Hope somebody who is expert on this matter could inform.



For our case; I am 100% sure there are no users logged into the system. First, the company policy is not letting us stay late. Second, we are setup the allowing log in time for each User only up to 7:00 PM.


and how do you force them to log off.

Also are you sure there si no chance that someone isn’t “sniffing” the network and maybe doing a port scan at night? I have seen companies that have software that looks for things like Torrent and other such things, by justt doign a rough port scan. Obviously that will kill Navision.

We setup windows logging time and requires every body to shut down the computer when going home (company policy).

I am pretty sure there is no such things.

Thank you for all the helps.