Navision Server SP2 Installation

I am mailing hoping to get a suggestion on a problem. The problem is, I have installed Navision SP2 Server for one of our clients but the Navision Database Server was not accessed from the client. While giving access to the database folder on the server the network administrator of the client gave access only to the persons using Navision there. This seems fair enough but the persons, who are given access to, could not connect to the Navision Database Server but when I gave access to everyone it works. I have talked with the administrator of the client’s network and he has asked for a better solution than giving access to everyone. So I am wondering if you could give any suggestions to solve the problem. I need to know if it is possible to give access only to the particular client computer and also how.

thank u

I look forward to hearing from you.

No one needs acces to the database folder. The only user account that should be granted access to that folder (and files) is the user account assigned to the Navision Database Server service. In fact this should be a dedicated database server and there should be no user file access granted.

Not only that, it is downright unsafe to allow the users access to the database from a client. There is no time while the service is running, that any client, even the administrator on the server, should be directly accessing the database. It all goes via the service.

thank u for the suggestions

but the there is no dedicated server for the Navision server so the database in kept in the shared server. The database is kept in a folder in the server and the access to that folder is given to ‘everyone’ with ‘full controls’, if i dont do that (everyone with full controls) then the database is not accessible to the client computers.

so it would be a great help if someone can tell me how should it be done.(they are not going to install a new dedicated server for navision so i have to work with the shared server.)

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Navision should be installed as a Service. It matters not if the hardware server is dedicated or just one of them or the only one with all the mail etc.
When installed as a service, the users then access the database via the service.
If your users are not accessing via the service I do not know how you are working as multi-user is not possible directly.
Can you clarify if you have the “Navision Service” running?

thanks for your reply

yes i have the Navision Service running!!

i will tell you in detail the steps i took while installing the navision server

first i copied the database into the server hard drive then installed the navision server in the server computer ( i gave the database path when the navision ask me to while installing navision server.) After that i went to Microsoft Managenment Console (MMC) then i choose Navision Database Server in the add/remove snap-ins and then added it and started it.

Also when i check in Services in the administrative tools, Navision Database Server is shown there.

So i think i have done everything right but it doesnot work.

ok i am looking forward for your suggestions.

thank you again

Which Net Type did you select when installing the service? Use TCP not TCPS

Are the clients using the same Net Type?

Verify the service is started.

What error do the clients get?

Hi User007.

Firstly I have moved this thread to the Beginners Forum, it has nothing to do with development.

First things first. This implementation should have been done by you NSC (Microsoft Dynamics Partner). Its not something you can just play with. I am assuming you are just setting up a test system, but either way, I hope you have purchased a legal license and have been advise by your partner about all the intricacies of implementing Navision.

Step 1, you need to understand that Navision is a Client / Server application. This means that there is a server installed and running. The Navision Server then connects to a Database, which is basically a file something like say G:\Company Navision\Database.fdb. You have just one server service running, and this server provides the server services of providing data, and then saving date for your users.

Your users then have clients. These are the programs that run on each workstation and connect to the Navision server. The connection form the client to the server is made via TCP or TCPS.

For you the biggest issue, is that you have installed a server, but you have not connected that server to the actual database. So what you are doing, is you then try to run the server on every client computer individually. THIS IS JUST WRONG.

I am totally against the idea of yo doing this without involving your NSC, but if you are adamant to do this, then please read the installation guides on the CD, they explain in great detail how to install a server and clients.

The members of this site will help you through the steps to get this installed if you want, but pleas start at the beginning. If you want help we need information:

Do you have an NSC (Dynamics Partner) or have you just “acquired” Navision some how.
Is this a production system, or are you just playing and learning. If you are just learning, then we will all want to help you as much as possible. If this is a live system, then you really need to be more clear about what you are doing.
Do you have a multiuser license?
Have you planned a full conversion to Navision?

Give us information so we can help. And also Be aware that the developers forum is for issues with programming C/SIDE in Navision, I don’t think you are there yet.

yes i used TCP

yes the clinets are using TCP

Yes the service is started

and the error the client get is:

“The operating system cannot gain access to the file E:\database\database.fdb”

(database folder in E is shared and everyone is not given access in this case.)

Check in Services under which account is Navision Database Server starting. By Default it is installed with “Network Service” “user”.
You should either change this user to some that has appropriate rights in db folder or change db folder right to allow user specified in services.


ya i checked that its Network Service and i changed it to one of the users. and what more i removed the shared tag from the database folder and now its not shared and in the security tag i gave access to only administrator and system.

So now database is not accessible directly to everyone, its only accesible through the Navision with valid user name and password.

So a big thanks to you.

but another issue arises now, what if i want to give access only to two of the clients (lets say client1 and client2). What i mean is though the database is accessible only through the Navision but if someone knows the password and the username and have the license ( thats a long shot and the password should be kept secure but its a senerio) then he/she can install Navision on another clinet and access the database which is not good. So it would be a great help if this could be sloved too.

again thanks to all


hm… I’m not sure it’s “doable” in standard way. If you have a Domain and make navision users as Domain users (Windows Login) maybe you can make something like User A cannot login from Station B (in Windows Domain policies, outside of Navision security features).
Long shot from me.

Why not try installing a Terminal Server via Hyper-V?it would be a per user access since only those whom you’ve given terminal services access will be the ones who can access the TS…

Are you aware that you are replying to a three year old post?