navision security system

Good morning

I have a problem with my database (option native of navision 4.0). Before yesterday, I can access at my database without authentication, because the navision security is not initiated. Yesterday, I setup the windows logins like this:
In active directory, i create a group AS with a member “armelson”.
in windows logins window (in database), I select a group AS and I assign it the role “super”. After, I select too a user “armelson” but I don’t assign him any role.
After this, I shut my database and now when I try to open it I receive this error " You haven’t permission to read the table objet, contact your administrator".
In conclusion, the database is inaccessible. Please can you help me?
thank you

You need to restore the database from the backup that you made just before you started this testing. I assume this is a test database.