Navision Scurity

  1. Is there any way to set the permission for an individual field in a table. 2. Finding problem to set permission to perticulor form Ex: We have two Item Cards Form no 30 & Form 50025 used by two different departments but both updates the data in the same table i.e. Item (Table). If I set the Permssion matrix to Table data it is accessable in both the forms. can any body help us “How to assign a Permission for individual Form” in such a way that one should not access other form. -Ravi
  1. No - you can’t set up permissions for a single field. But if you do not have that need in too many fields, then a little programming in the table triggers could solve that problem. Depends on how complex your security-system is. 2. You can set up the permissions for every single object (tables, table data, forms, reports, codeunits, dataports and system rights). The standard role “ALL”, that normally every user is a member of, grants the right to execute all forms. The entry “0” means “all”. If you want to set up the rights for every individual form, then you have to set up rolls, containing the rights for every single form that a group should be able to open. That will take some time :wink: but is technically no problem.