Navision - Scanning Cablemodem Numbers or Codes

Hi! We want to scan our cable modems with a hand scanner directly into our navision 2.60 proprietary database. Therefore I have some questions: Has anybody so what under Navision running? Which scanner would you suggest me? Is there anywhere a existing navision modul for that case or need I also a special scanner software for this? Can you tell me how we can that implement in navision 2.60? Thanks

If you are referring to scanning barcodes on items such as cable modems, then if you use a “wedge” type scanner, you do not need any special software. A wedge type barcode scanner generates data into it’s parent PC just as though the data had been typed in from the keyboard. In fact, it plugs into a keyboard port on the PC (and the keyboard plugs into the scanner adapter). This would work for any version of Navision. If I didn’t answer the right question, could you add some more infomation about what you mean by “scan” Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Additional tip: Simple scanning sends an “Enter” after each scan. The cursor moves to the next field. If you i.e. is scanning into a journal, you might want the cursor to move to the same column in the next row. Then you have to buy a programmable scanner, where you can change the “Enter” command into “Arrow Down”. Improwes productivity. Pelle

I don’t know about prices in Austria but a Symbol LS4000 series handheld scanner is relatively cheap and can be programmed to send various suffixes (enter, arrows, tab etc.). Cheers, John