Navision Sales Order Post hanging

Hi All,

i am getting weird issue when we post the sales order

client NAV 2009 RTC

database sql 2008

build no 6.0.31912

it is simple sales order where we enter very few fields

header → New No. generation, customer no, order ref no, date

line-> type item, item no, quantity

once i enter the last line field value and try to post the sales order it is hanging

if i place cursor in header after entering multiple line or if i do up arrow and down arrow in the lines the sales orders is getting posted successfully.

we found that it is the problem with the refreshing the page as we are posting on the fly by entering the values in lines

we followed the steps from and some other googled stuff

and we updated the code in the quantity validate with



it is working fine

but the issue is as it is service tier asking the prompt “allow once”, “always allow”,“never allow”

we are having around 600 end users and no guarantee that they will click the right option

i found that it is also stored in the personalization.xml and in the role tailored client → delete personalization-> reset automations

can we do automatically this for all endusers with one go so user won’t get this message

is there any way to handle the situation with out using the wsshell i.e automation or any other way can we update the header part from the line level with out user intevention means we can place some code to refresh the page on the posting routine or in the 42 page post actions

please share your thoughts