Navision reports in pdf

Hello! I was wondering if it’s possible to store reports in pdf format (Acrobat Reader). I know that there is no such option implemented in Navision. Could this kind of option be programmed into N/A by this i mean programming a CodeUnit? lp prosen

Certainly this could be done that way. But I think a more pragmatic approach would be to install sort of a PDF-Tool (as a virtual printer) which directs the report output into a *.pdf-File. Best regards

You could use the File-Print option and direct it to the PDF writer (after installing the PDF writer in your machine) Cheers

There are several ways to achieve this, there are a couple of tools and freeware/shareware ocx in the download section that allow pdf printing, but as the previous replies indicate, the easiest and fastest way to implement this, is to install a pdf printer and instead of selecting a normal printer you simply select the pdf printer and it will generate a pdf file. We are using the freeware drivers from to print these files. By the way, you might also try a search for “pdf print” on the forum to find more info in this issue. Saludos Nils

Yes. PDF995 is a good option. We are using it for report generation in PDF… rgds

Thanks you guys, this pdf995 is a really great thing… lp prosen