Navision Published Reports Guide

I am a new user to Navision and am wondering if there exists a printed guide to the standard reports available in Navision? Thanks

Not that I have seen, but you can press the help key (F1) on a report and most have a description and basic directions for setting filters

Hi Jacob, in Help, Navision Help, you can go to the search tab and type in a report name and it will give you an overview of the report you specified. This way you can atleast get a description of the reports. I hope this helps…Paul

Navision is weak in many area of documentation, especially for the end-user. Best approach is using the help like they stated, but printing out one report of the 1st page and last page with the options choices for future reference. Build your own library of reports, Same them as PDF document or embedded image in a word document. One day Microsoft will do one or the other to help the users/salespeople/partners etc out. I did the print out about 6 years ago with the reports and kept it in a binder for all office people to use including the salespeople. Did it help a lot. ------------------ Microsoft Nav saying (Go Fish) -----------------


Navision is weak in many area of documentation, especially for the end-user

I have been told that training materials will be available for Navision, in a customisable format, later in 2006. This will enable NSC’s to issue manuals to the end customer. Two points on this. 1. Lets wait for it to get here. 2. Lets see what they are like when they get here!

actually I have an old Navision Attain Report Detail book. It tells you about every “Canned” report. I will assume the reports are basically the same since 3.10. I guess I can quickly scan it and make it a pdf. email me or PM if you want a copy. …edit it’s 11.7MB - I’ll try to reduce the size when I get a chance It’s broken into these Main Chapters -G/L Reports -Sales & Receivables Reports -Puirchase & payables Reports -Inventory Reports

Can’t you upload it? It will also be easier on your inbox. [;)] Everyone will e-mail you!..

How, It took 10 attempts just to post this. I just noticed it’s missing some pages. I can’t believe nobody has this. It looks pretty professional…with example printouts after each description of a report. I’ll keep an eye out for the additional pages. I did get the file down for 5,491KB.