1. What is the use of AltSearchField property?

  2. What is the use of SignDisplacement property?


First of all: I think you posted into the wrong forum (I’ll move this thread).

Regarding your questions: Have you ever tried to look these properties up in the NAV “Help” - the “C/SIDE Reference Guide” ?



Use this property to select an alternative field for doing lookups for this field.

Applies to



The Name of the field that should be used as an alternative search field.


This property is used to make it easier for users to search and lookup in a table. If, for example, the primary key of a table is a numeric identifier, and it is used as a foreign key in another table, users would normally have to memorize all or parts of these identifiers when they perform a lookup into this table. If, however, you set a field with more easily memorizable contents (for example, a field containing names or addresses) as an alternative search field for the primary key field, users could search for these names or addresses and still retrieve the correct numeric identifier.[/Quote]



Use this property to shift negative values to the right for display purposes only. You can shift negative values in increments of 1/100 of a millimeter.

Applies to

Text boxes


If you enter 600 (6 millimeters) here you would see a result similar to:



(-) 123456789

(-) 999888777

(+)987654321 [/Quote]