Navision Printer Selections


Have a user who has access to a network printer and can print to this printer when she selects.

The problem is that if I go into Printer Selections select her name and report ID and then lookup to printers nothing happens. Having checked the port details for the printer if I then specify the path it reports it doesn’t exist.

Any ideas ?.


hi Andrew,

make that printer as defult printer as Nav can recongize it, all the above you can even set up customized page size from navison




did you try from YOUR pc or from HER pc?

Printer selection in NAV is a kind of weird: You would need to make sure that the printer is named exactly the same on all clients. (including path).
So even for a local printer connected to a PC you should share it and then reinstall a second copy pointing to that share - which is printing over the network to your local printer (as I said, a litle bit of weird.)