Navision Performance in VMWARE 4 OR 3 SQL Backend Database.

We are thinking of going to Vmware and considering the PROS and CONS on performance of our Single NAV DB. At Present for DR we are log shipping it which is perfect and works really well in real life and production we have tested roll back cut over and cut back in a Failure scenario.

We have finally come to the cross roads with VMWare but very cautious on converting it to a VM, I saw your posts and thought I’d get your real world experience and opinion on it, Our Plan is for 2 HP 580 G5 Dual Zeon 2.13 ghz and 48 Gig in each ESX Server with Direct attached storage from HP OR MSA60 with SAS drives 5.4 T raw Storage on each ESX 4 Server. With V-Replicator from Visioncore.

Our concerns are VMware performance and I/0 while running in VM have you any real world advice on our proposed implementation specially with Navision Dynamics’ and SQL server performance back to end users. We are looking at possibly 100 users when the DB is in full production.

Really looking forward to the performance side of your implementation experience.

Hi Owen,

Exactly what are you thinking about putting to VMWARE?

Hi Erik and all fellow system people,

Navision ERP SQL2005. approx 14,000 invoices records after hours being updated after 2am so database processing and IO will jump just worried job won’t complete , but we’ll have 100 users , concerns are IO performance and issue that I have read from other people after going to a VM with Navision.

It’s a modified ERP system with some application customization. Just worried about performance in a VM and what other people have been saying and experiencing before jumping into a “swimming pool without water “ :-):

After doing some reserach on what other people have expereienced I came across the below links that where making me thinking twice on converting a NAV ERP system running SQL2005 into a VM based on the below links and high computing power some of these guys where using including 64BIt and Fiber Channel and SAN’s.

Our reason for vmware is DR, but we are using Logshipping very well and this is has been tried and tested I highly recommend this to all who are running Navision in SQL2005, works like a dream. But now we also want Full system recoverabaility by using Vmware its a extra safety net.

Funnly enough knowone has wrote about the HW it came from and if there was a problem on that in the first place. We are running NAV ERP on a HP Proliant 580 QuadCore (4 zeon processor box) 64Bit

Propossed to go to a Simarlar box in VM world with 48 Gig of Ram and a DAS Storage (2 OF THESE SYSTEMS) one at the at front office and then one system in back of warehouse.

Owen did you do the vmware migration and if so how did it go