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How many of your Navision users are also Palm and Win CE users ? Have they ever asked if there are any add-on for synchronizing data from Navision to their PDAs ? If possible could you let me know which area they would like to integrate/synchronize. Basically my query is to know if there’s a market for PDA application for Navision Financials/Attain …

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Dear Tarek, This add-on is already available from Navision - or at least the foundation to bould it on is available. It’s called Mobile Solutions, see more on Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

Hi Lars, I did check the product overview, it looks good, however the system requirements are too heavy for the humble user who just want to synchronize his contact/prospect/customer. I guess there might still be a room for a cheaper/lighter product obviously it won’t be able to offer what Mobile Solution offer but some user don’t need all the functionalities. The system requirements for Mobile Solution are as follow : Navision Web Shop 2.01 (Message Dispatcher) Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0/ Service Pack 5 Microsoft Option Pack (Internet Information Server) Microsoft SQL Server Question : Navision do not sell Web Shop anymore, the product has been replaced by Commerce Portal. Does this mean that the requirement for this product is now Commerce Portal ??? Or does it just uses the Dispatcher objects from Web Shop Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Aug 25 06:12:33

Hi Tarek - We are a few that have a palm, that we use to keep track on time when at customers. We have “talked” about, that it would be nice, to be able to synchronize that into the Job Journal - But as You allready know - Internal Work isn’t the number one priority :slight_smile: let me know, if You do anything in this direction, please… /Henrik

Hi Henrik, Thanks for your input. I have toyed with the idea of developing a time sheet product for PDA and integrating it to the job journal for a while now. I just have to push my self hard enough to get something done now :slight_smile: Would you appreciate to have the chargeable field available on the time sheet front end or do you always assume that when you’re at a customer site, it’s ALWAYS chargeable ? Regards, Tarek Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Aug 25 07:53:13

The idea of this is very appealing as I currently track my time on my Palm PDA in a excel spreadsheet and upload to the PC. Then of course I have to key the information into our project accounting system. It becomes a real chore. I would be very interested if there was something available. The chargeable flag on the front end would be very useful as sometimes for one reason or the other time is not always billable. _________________________ Wendy O’Connor - co moderator Attain/Financials - End User Questions NOLUG

Beside Henrik and Wendy (Which I have already recorded as my prospects!) :wink: would a time sheet solution for PDA which is nicely integrated to the Navision jobs module would sell ? I believe the US is a huge market but I might be wrong that’s why I would love to hear something (even if it’s negative or not encouraging!) from our US members … Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Aug 26 09:33:09

Tarek, Following is a posting from the US NSC forum. You might want to contact the author. _________________________________________ Richard Calienes Posted - 9 January 2001 3:48:53 PM Profile E-mail -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is now possible to access Navision data from Palm Pilot hand held computers. Using either a wired or wireless connection, data can be sent and recieved, created or modified and kept in sync between the two platforms. Please vist the solutions page at and check out the details and pricing. NSC’s get a 25% discount off of end user list. -------------------------------------------- Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever

You can also take a look at They have solutions for sales and jobs syncronized with PocketPC. //LArs