Navision Payroll (UK payroll)

Is anyone familiar with the Navision Payroll. I am implementing the automatic calculation of SSP and want to know what setup I need to do to get the calculations correct. Any ideas?

Assuming you require the fields for the next tax year, starting 6th April, I think the setup is Weekly Rate (£) = 60.20 Reimbursement Threshold = 13.00 % Reclaimable Rate = 100 % These are the values in the latest service pack I have received (the one for the new tax year). Last years figures were Weekly Rate (£) = 59.55 Reimbursement Threshold = 13.00 % Reclaimable Rate = 100 %

Thanks, I have all that information. What I was more concerned about recording any previous information. If they have already served their 3 waiting days in the previous 8 weeks, which haven’t been calculated automatically, how do I account for this?