Navision Partner Alliances

We just selected Navision 4.0 to manage the retail business in our company. Our company is international; i.e. has a sales company in each European country and the implementation will be done on a country by country basis. Therefore I am analyzing which partner alliances exist for a European roll-out of Navision. A partner who will be responsible for the roll out of the solution, local implementation, training and support of the local users. One is these alliances is PPI (Partner Power International). I heard that there are other alliances like Incadea. Has someone done a similar analysis of these partner alliances?

Check what can offer and compare with the other companies you’ve short listed… They’re huge and they’re also doing Incadea.

Also in Germany they are working together with EDS in Koblenz and also with T-Systems. Incadea works like an NSC and have several partners all over the world. At the moment they are working on version 3.00 and but the most partners have Navision 2.6. Visit there website. Have fun