Navision Page Design Issue

I am working on Navision page design, I have using GridLayout in two group and it’s required for me to showing my two add-ins.
If I have not using GridLayout then its work fine. See Image1
If I have change the page design using Gridlayout. See Image2
Then it’s not working properly. See Image3

If I have Gridlayout then group drag functionality (See the red marking functionality in Image1) not work (see image3)


Image 2

Image 3

Hi Kirit,

Can you upload your images again.

I am not able to see them.




Hi Mohana,

I have uploaded my imgaes. So any idea about this.

It seems a design to me. we cannot change.

Means GridLayout control not supported to Add-Ins

Looks like a very advanced page you’re doing here.

Is this even Dynamics NAV? It more looks like it’s Dynamics AX!

Or is using add-ins?

Hello Erik,

It’s Dynamics Nav Page. I am using add-ins in this page.

So any one have idea about how to work drag functionality as I mention in blog