Navision on Linux MySql server

Navision server runs on Microsoft SQL server. But can it run on Linux MySql server? Can Navi run on Linux at all?

No is my first response. Not with MySQL. But I have heard that you by tweaking Linux with a special add-on (the enables to run another unix version - don’t remember which), can run Navision 3.x. So maybe you can do it with Financials as well. Would be fun to hear if anyone did it. ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

I have read a very short notice in a news-forum regarding someone doing this. He used the intel binary compatibility specifikation which emulates sco-unix on Linux. And fortunately there exists an Sco version of the 3.5X server. I don’t however think that the IBCS can emulate any of the unix-platforms which are able to interact with Financials. (Financials doesn’t work with SCO). Also i think Navision performs best with Unix using raw-disc which is not native in Linux but will be in the future. B. R. This link says a little about IBCS

Ooops forgot the link Sorry