Navision on Citrix using Excel reintalls always

Hi, We have installed NA3.60 client on Citrix. Everytime a user tries to use Import Bugets with Navision client on citrix, which accesses Microsoft Excel strangely we start getting the Navision Installation dialog box, asking to insert the Navision CD. However pressing the cancel button on the dialog helps a bit, but thinking in long term it looks annoying to get this dialog box everytime.Has anyone faced this before, ur comments would be valuable help to us. cheers, JHC

Maybe logging on as Administrator to the Citrix machine and running Microsoft Excel will sort the issue out. It is probably the Microsoft Office Instaler which needs to write some system setting or to have the user license agreement okayed. [edit] Sorry, just noticed it’s the Navision CD (and not the Microsoft Office CD) which is being asked for. Still, try to carry out the same action using an Administrator account.

You may need to instal Navision slighty differently. Look at this I believe it applies to 3.6 as well.