Navision on Citrix Server

We had Navision client available on a Citrix Server running no problem until recently. It now comes up with the error “The date is not valid”. ( Other applications work fine). I can reinstall the client and it works ok for that day but the following day it’s back to the same error. Anyone any suggestions?

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Check the configuration of local settings on both server and user profiles. I remember having that problem when having a server with the british/american (mm/dd/yy) date configuration and having clients using the standard european way (dd/mm/yy). The firsts days of the month the error was not detected as the dates were existant ones (wrong month/day but existant ones), but when using other dates (like 25/01/00) it was when having errors… (if 25 is the day and 01 is the month is ok… but there is no month 25)… Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)