Navision on citrix - bandwidth issues.

Hi All, we are implementing navision multi locations. 1. is there any performance tool which enable us to check bandwidth issues when accessing navision over citrix from the remote locations. 2. the client says that bandwidth is around 18-22 kbps while accessing navision over citrix. 3. first of all, how much bandwidth exactly (if there is any tool available ) does the above setup consumes. 4. are there any finetunings to be done if so where and how ?? looking forward for replies . regards.

You can botleneck bandwith with routing solutions, but always per user limitation. I don’t know any that can limit by app. You can limit CPU and RAM used on your Citrix Farm using solutions like AppSense. A bit costy but worth the money. Hope it helps Vx

Controlling bandwidth is not really a solution. Your Bandwidth depends on what you are doing. The biggest issue is printing. If bandwidth is an issue, then you do need to look into a good Citrix printing solution. There are a number out there, and a search on this forum will help. As for the bandwidth of each user, the 18-22k is probably a good guess, but only if that is an average. i.e. 10 users will get by well with 200k bandwidth, but 1 user will have a hard time with 20k, since much of a users time is spent typing data, or looking at the screen, these don’t use much bandwidth, and free it up for other users.