Navision offshore outsourcing?

I was just curious about topic of outsourcing IT projects for Navision offshore. There is a great advantage to outsource web design and databases and there are plenty of companies available in India, Russia, etc. How does it work with Navision when someone thinks that paying $160/hr to local NSC might be too much? Denis Petrov

Hi, As per my knowledge outsourcing in navision has already started.Few companies in India are donig work like development,upgrade etc. for outside countries like US and Uk. Looking at the rate at which work is coming sounds to be a win win situation for both.

I can only refrer to this thread: And at the same time - A Danish company some years ago tried out sourcing the development of an add-on to India. (I won’t mention any names). I have had to work with the add-on, and so have some of my former colluages - One thing we all saw, was the the developers that did the solution hadn’t seen Navision before - and that was very clearly. I belive, had the company used Developers from Denmark :slight_smile: (or other Navision-savy countries) and long-term NSC’s) they could have gotten a better stabile solution, in a shorter time and much cheaper. As said in the thread above Navision is a mix - You need to know and understand Buisness AND Development - Not just one of them. Having said that, I also know of annother danish company, that has build up a Development center in Ukraine, and I belive that adventure are going OK - But they took the time to Build up ther resources. I do forsee that in the future, there will be a greater seperation of Analysts, who designs the solution, and then developers, that just follows them - I for one wouldn’t like that, as I like to build what I designed (To be sure it’s done just the way I want’ed them - and allow for changes if needed :wink: ) Just my 2 cents

Henrik and Rajesh would you please post any links to those companies that you have mentioned that do OK with Navision outsourcing. By separating ANALYSIS from programming one would hope to accomplish better results. (=we do analysis and set up goals they do all programming) Denis Petrov

The one company I know do not work with end customer. They build an add-on for the Danish Market - And do quite a bit of sub-contracting for Navision - Uhm Microsoft. Sorry