Navision ODBC small problem with a select

Hi! How are you doing? we have a small problem and I wonder if someone here could give us some idea… it’s not very important anyway but… curiosity killed the cat [:D] From SQL Server 2000 DTS we’re accesing Navision Financials via ODBC (2.60). We do normal selects to one table to extract its data. No problems here. Now we want to extract data from just one table, but filtering data by crossing with another table: select A.* from table1 A, table2 B where A.someKey=B.someOtherKey and someFilters here from table B. I want to extract all the fields from table A and none from table B, and I don’t want to write: select A.field1, A.field2, A.field3, etc… cos there are 200 fields. Normally I’ll write select A.* but this gives me an error from the Navision ODBC… The question is: does anybody know how to write this A.* in the select so I can get all the fields from table A and NONE from table B and the ODBC works fine? Thank you! Regards Fran

Hi! One final issue… does NAvision 2.60 ODBC admit subselects? I mean, I’m getting errors trying to do things like: select * from table1 A where A.field1 IN (select B.field2TheSameAType from table 2 B) It says that it expects identifiers after “(” errrrr… I’m just used to Oracle SQL and this ODBC behaviour is quite strange, isn’t it? maybe I’m missing something… Thank you, Regards Fran

Try SELECT [Item].* FROM [Item]; putting the table you are querying in place of Item

Hi Dalenz: That’s exactly what doesn’t work when you do a “join”… So, I can do: select A.* from A But I can’t do: select A.* from A, B where A.k = B.k Also I can’t do any subquery to avoid the join. The only thing that works is: select A.a1, A.a2, A.a3… A.a200 from A,B where A.k = B.k It’s okey, I’m doing this, thou it’s tedious writing so many fields in the select… Thank you, Regards Fran