Navision - Not for Biggies?

As it is popular amongst everyone, Navision is essentially made for SMEs. Does that mean switch over to another ERP after organisations grow by a significant extent or being used by Biggies? Does it signify that Navision does not support extremely large data ?(which has now become a requirement due to various laws). Being new to Navision, I need some clarity on this point. Thanks

Hello Amith, Navision was developed keeping in mind with SME’s in Europe from where it originated. But there is a lot of difference between SME’s in Europe,USA & Asia. In Asia even some times the SME’s cannot afford them beco’z of the Price. Talking about the Features in Navision it is too good for SME’s co’z it supports every feature but again it has it’s own Merits & Demerits. If a company is growing not necssarily that they need to scrap Navision and implement a High end ERP Solution as Navision can now support more than 500 Users but one needs to do the correct hardware sizing and database configuration. Thanks & Regards,

That’s very true.

One thing is actually very interesting. As my company have subsidiaries in many (50) different countries around the world, I’ve done a few studies on pricing for Dynamics NAV.

And it actually showed me that the license prices in most countries in Asia and South America is approx. 50% of the prices in Europe or North America. So Microsoft are in fact trying to compensate for the differences, in making it possible for SME companies in these areas to afford the system.

It think it has to do with the culture as well. In Asia, most people do not believe in paying money for software since piracy is so common. They also believe that why buy the software when they can hire some engineers to program it for them.

Unfortuatnely, it’ll take some education and time in order for them to understand that you cannot have an engineer to program a MRP system for them…